Claim a $1000 Bonus on MEXC Global

Benefit from a $1,000 bonus on MEXC and discounts on transaction fees

Sign up with our Referral Code MEXC mexc-bitcopy to receive a $1000 bonus and discounts on transaction fees.

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After registering, go to the fee settings to activate a discount of up to 50%. Select the MX fee payment option and increase your discount up to 50% OFF. In addition, you can become a community partner and receive a referral bonus of up to 80% of your referrals’ transaction fees.

The MEXC Global Crypto Exchange
The MEXC Global Crypto Exchange

MEXC Global is a cryptocurrency exchange platform renowned for its user-friendly interface, high liquidity and rigorous security measures. MEXC Global is positioned among the leading cryptocurrency exchange platforms, offering a wide range of digital assets to its users. By using the referral code mexc-bitcopy, take advantage of exclusive rewards and great discounts.

To enjoy the sign up bonus, follow these simple steps:

Go to the MEXC Global registration page.

Complete the registration process by filling in the information requested.

Enter the sponsorship code mexc-bitcopy in the appropriate field during registration.

Validate your account to access all its features and start enjoying the benefits of the referral programme.

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