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Want to be a trader but aren’t willing to take big risks?

Copy trading is a solution for you.

How does copy trading work?

Probably, the way I talk makes you feel bad. Most of the time, social trading, mirror trading, and copy trading are all the same thing. You can call it anything you want. All you have to do is get the idea: you just let someone else develop your trading strategy by copying the trades they make exactly. The best choice is to use the automatic mode, but you can also use the manual mode.

Why do new traders like Copy Trading so much?

People who want to learn how to trade on their own can use copying other traders as a way to learn.

It is the best and easiest way to get into the global market, and you don’t need to know much about it.

Copytrading is based on the idea that everyone is in the same boat.

Traders risk their own money when they offer trades for other people to copy.

If the trades are copied automatically, it saves a lot of time.

How do Copy Trading Platforms work?

  1. Pick some traders on the platform.
  2. Sign up for copying, start getting their trades directly in your account and start making money.

Beginner investors can learn from the best traders in the same way that young artists learn by copying what the best artists do.

So let’s get started with Copy Trading! You know how to do it, right?

Sign up for Bitget, go to your personal account, and click the CopyTrading tab to get started. Next, check out the rating of the strategies and look at their signal history, total profit, portfolio, most recent deals, etc. Then choose the strategy you want to copy. At Bitget, you can find a lot of traders to follow.

How to Copy

There are a few steps you need to take to copy a trade: Choose your trader(s), set up your copy trading account, check your copy trade data, copy trade with one click, and close the position.

  1. Pick a trader: Look at the traders’ transactions on the copy trade page. You can copy more than one trader at the same time if you want to.
  2. Create an account for copy trading.

Click “copy trade” to go to the settings page, choose from the different types of futures, modes, leverage, cont, ratios, and risk management, and then click “confirm.” Copy Trade Agreement and then click “Copy Now.” If the traders have already opened positions when you decide to copy trade, the copy will start working when they open a new position.

All you have to do is to pick a trader, and then click “Copy.”

Good job! You can now copy trade manually and invest in cryptocurrencies.

Click here to register your Bitget account and start copying other traders

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